About Us

We are a dedicated group of eminent trainers from the corporate world having a vast experience in training and delivery on corporate skills modules. Our expertise is our experience of over ten years working for multinational organizations like Metlife, AT&T, Orange Telecom, American Express, British Telecom and ETV to name some.

Our Modules have been designed to share the corporate experience to the new emerging corporate leaders of today’s multinational and national industries.

At the conclusion of our modules participants should be able:

  1. To discuss and understand leadership styles and attributes from an introductory perspective.
  2. To describe the relationship between leadership and communication and how it relates to personal and workplace experience.
  3. To identify various forms, methods and modes of communication, noting factors such as the impact of cross cultural communication in modern day workplaces and educational institutions.
  4. To explain the inter-relationship between communication, mentoring, coaching, team membership and interpersonal skills in terms of leadership development.
  5. To recognize, describe and reflect upon personal and professional practice in relation to all topics covered in this module.

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